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How do I return an item?

We pride ourselves in manufacturing and distributing high quality products. We accept returns on any** items that are damaged or not received in the condition promised. Should you need to return a product for one of these reasons, we will happily send you a replacement! Please use the contact us link at the bottom of this page to call or email us and we will ensure that you receive the product you were promised!

Phone: 800.388.2001

Phone: 903.586.2531

Email: info@MetalClaySupply.com

**Return Policy - Premium Gemstones

From the date you received the shipment you will have a couple of days to inspect the item(s).  Shipments will be by UPS so we can track the shipment and establish the date you receive it.

Premium Gemstone Returns must be made by the second business day after you received it as evidenced by postmark in the case of the postal service and ship date if by UPS.  If you received it on Monday return would be on Wednesday, Tuesday on Thursday, Wednesday on Friday, Thursday-Friday-Saturday on Monday.  You will be responsible for paying the shipping and insurance of return.