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Art Clay - New Formula - 50g
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Art Clay - New Formula - 50g

    How Good Is It???

    “Oh my gosh! I finally got to work with the new formula Art Clay and I LOVE IT!!! GREAT texture!! My students are loving it too. Everything is coming out great. Doing a happy dance.” -PAM EAST, Master Instructor

    "I was fortunate enough to be asked to test out the new Art Clay Silver and was given samples to try. Of course one of my main concerns was how well the new formula would enamel and I am pleased to say that it enamels very well, and is a lovely clay to work with!" -JOY FUNNELL, Senior Art Clay Instructor and Craftsman of the Guild of Enamellers

    Did you know that Art Clay is made from 100% recycled silver?!?!

    Art Clay Silver is manufactured using recycled and reclaimed silver; the percentage of recycled silver within these products is 100%. Aida, the Japanese manufacturer of Art Clay products, is a metals reclamation company – that is all they do. The silver is from athletic wear, eyeglasses, photography supplies, industrial sources, utensils and of course from silver jewelry that has been turned in for reclamation. Not only can your mark your clay .999, but can claim that it is created from recycled and reclaimed silver!