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Clay-Bond PLUS
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Clay-Bond PLUS

    Clay-Bond™ PLUS joins silver, bronze, copper and brass!

    Put away the torch and solder! Clay-Bond is the easy way to join metal clay pieces. Clay-Bond is a silver containing powder that easily turns into a paste when mixed with water. Whether your pieces have been formed from metal clay or stamped sheet, simply apply the product with a short/stiff bristled brush and fire embedded in activated carbon. After firing it forms a strong metallic joint suitable for all jewelry-related applications.

    Clay-Bond Plus™ replaces original Clay-Bond™. The original formula of Clay-Bond™ was a silver solder introduced in 2010 to join jewelry articles made from BRONZclay™, COPPRclay™, and brass, but it was not recommended for use with silver clay articles. Clay-Bond Plus™ is formulated (with the same silver content) to join fired silver clay – both PMC and Art Clay – sterling silver, fine silver, Argentium™, BRONZclay™, COPPRclay™, and brass in any combination. It is a water-base paste containing a binder that cements the two surfaces to be joined in position until heat is applied, thus eliminating the need to manually position the pieces. It is applied to the join region, dried, and fired in activated carbon in a kiln to create a strong bond. It can also be torch fired in air. Clay-Bond Plus™ is available in 5 gram and 10 gram packages. A little goes a long way! CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS


    Instructions describe how to use Clay-Bond to join two flat surfaces, as well as how to join exposed joints such as in jump rings.


    CLICK HERE FOR "Clay-Bond PLUS: An Alternative to Solder" by Jennifer Gastelum

    Holly Ginsberg Gage asked via Facebook:
    Is this joint stronger than metal clay and pastemaker or lavendar?

    A paste made of the metal using PasteMaker will indeed bond like metal clays together and facilitate repairs. However, there are advantages of Clay-Bond Plus that a paste as above cannot do.

    This from the producer, Ron Diegel:

    "CB+ offers quick firing (15 min) at a relatively low temperature (350C), which makes for convenience in forming joins quickly. It does not require the higher firing temperature of various metal clays."

    "It is easy to avoid fire scale formation when using it on sterling silver because of the lower soldering temperature of 350C."

    Further, ClayBond can join two different metals together such as sterling to bronze, copper to fine silver - any combination really. Also, Clay-Bond Plus acts like a glue, keeping two pieces together after it dries making handling the piece less delicate for the firing process.

    Jewelry Material Innovations, Inc. (JMI) is an Arizona-based company that provides jewelry artists with innovative and unusual materials for enhancing the beauty and appeal of metal jewelry. It was begun in 2004 by Ronald Diegle, who holds a PhD in metallurgy and materials engineering. Dr. Diegle has developed ways to use powdered metals, and also minerals and natural and created gemstones as accents and enhancements to jewelry settings to provide color and variety of style. In 2004 he introduced the company’s first innovation, Accent Gold for Silver, at the PMC Conference in Albuquerque. Since then he developed Accent Rose Gold and Accent Silver as means for accenting silver, bronze, and copper jewelry. His development of Clay-Bond Plus provides jewelry artists with a unique method for soldering many pieces simultaneously without use of a soldering iron or torch. Dr. Diegle continues to seek to develop innovative materials for providing jewelry artists new means for enhancing their work.