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FlexMat™  Texture Stamp - Mirage-1
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FlexMat™ Texture Stamp - Mirage-1


    Featuring Shruti Dev and her original artwork! A 17 year veteran of diverse media and International ArtClay Silver Instructor since 2007, her creative talent appears in full bloom with each of her newly designed FlexMatTM texture stamps with a generous 4-1/8” by 5-7/8” area and made of durable long lasting rubber that is micro-etched by laser for fine detail and impressive depth!

    “Far away, the mind’s eye sees a pattern and the heart draws it...and sometimes it is not what it first seemed...as there are the subtle, conscious differences between the original artwork and its inverted version. Bold and strong, both versions will make a great base to enamel on or to just oxidize and let the metal glow! Add a chunky stone to the flower in the middle, or little CZ’s, round and square, wherever you feel you could.” - Shruti Dev

    Shruti Dev Artist Bio:

    My quest to articulate my creative expression began almost 17 years ago when my soul began craving expression and evolution. Catharsis happened in the form of glass painting and basic jewelry making as I felt the desire to create my own kind of jewelry, unique and fascinating.Learning to make lampwork beads and working with precious metal clay added to my skill set and vocabulary, and working as a mixed-media artist is a valuable inclusion to my creative repertoire. Enameling, pottery, embroidery, crochet, kumihimo, fabric dyeing, fabric painting, wire work, wire wrapping and weaving are some other creative journeys I have reveled in, and enjoy exploring off and on whenever I can, and whenever I feel inspired to any one of these wonderful expressive medias.

    The Universe graciously concedes, guiding me to phenomenal mentors, amazing artists and wonderful friends around the world, and resources are made available in the most unbelievable ways at times.

    My Art Clay Silver training and Level 1 and Senior certification was conducted in the USA in 2005. The same year, I learned the magic of creating glass beads! In 2007, I trained as an International Art Clay Silver Instructor at the Art Clay Silver, Aida headquarters in Japan. The same year, I was awarded a week long scholarship at the Corning Museum of Glass for an intensive glass bead making session, and was also chosen as an international scholarship awardee for the ISGB International scholarship program (International Society of Glass Beadmakers). In 2010, my precious metal clay design was chosen for the Japan Jewellery Designers’ Association Chairman’s Award in the Silver Accessories Contest conducted by Aida,Japan. Another of my precious metal clay designs won honorable mention in another competition in Japan the same year.

    Over the years, I have been fine tuning my skill set continuously and consistently by learning many more skills and techniques and taking classes from master artists around the world…in person, and online. The journey continues in the form of handmade glass beads, artwork, handcrafted jewelry, woven or painted fabric...whatever beckons…I love travelling too, and taking photos and soaking in ideas and inspirations as they come from across the world.

    I represent Art Clay World for India and have been teaching, training and certifying students in India, on behalf of Art Clay Silver, Aida, Japan, since 2007.

    I am blessed to be encouraged and nurtured by friends who love my work, and who love to see me and watch my creative talents evolve. One such friend and mentor walked me into the realm of creating textured designs of my original artwork. She led me, too, to share my work with an awesome company that showcases specialized talent who want to share their adaptive vision by creating textured stamps to expand their own designs precious metal clays and other expressive art.

    This year, 2018, thus marks another important landmark for me, as my artwork is now in the process of being transformed into FlexArt™ texture stamps now offered exclusively by Metal Clay Supply (metalclaysupply.com). I now have a platform to showcase my creative talents on a larger stage…and reach out to a wider audience …not just to showcase a work of art, but also to share a resource that other artists can incorporate into their own artful masterpieces of jewelry.

    I choose to let the creative muse take over and connect me to the magic of the universe, with an intention to create works that are universally appreciated and celebrated.

    This is the story of my creative journey so far and thankfully it continues… - Shruti

    Published work:

    • BeadStyle September 2005 - Kalmbach Publishing
    • BeadStyle July 2006 - Kalmbach Publishing
    • Easy Beading Vol. 3 ,2012, Kalmbach Publishing
    • Multistrand Jewelry: Secrets for Success, April, 2013: Kalmbach Publishing