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Gold - Accent Gold for Silver (1 gram) - AGS2
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Gold - Accent Gold for Silver (1 gram) - AGS2

    This package of AGS contains one vial of pure dry 24K gold powder, one miniature eyedropper for adding water and glycerin and a mixing clip. After mixing, the 24 K gold paste is applied to create accents as well as to fuse to articles made from both fired and unfired silver clay, fine silver, sterling silver (that has been depletion gilded) and Argentium™ sterling silver.

    Mixing: Tap the jar on a flat surface to gather the gold at the bottom of the container. Add 12 drops of water and 4 drops of user supplied glycerine and mix with a small artist's brush. The mixture will tend to gather into a blob when completely mixed. The consistency you are aiming for is a smooth and creamy paint. It should not be runny. If the mixture is too thick, add water one drop at a time and stir with the paintbrush. If the mixture is thin and drippy, allow it to sit open for a few minutes to evaporate some of the water. The consistency can be somewhat thick or a little thin and be applied successfully once you learn the ideal thickness of the coat. COMPLETE instructions are included with each package.

    Jewelry Material Innovations, Inc. (JMI) is an Arizona-based company that provides jewelry artists with innovative and unusual materials for enhancing the beauty and appeal of metal jewelry. It was begun in 2004 by Ronald Diegle, who holds a PhD in metallurgy and materials engineering. Dr. Diegle has developed ways to use powdered metals, and also minerals and natural and created gemstones as accents and enhancements to jewelry settings to provide color and variety of style. In 2004 he introduced the company’s first innovation, Accent Gold for Silver, at the PMC Conference in Albuquerque. Since then he developed Accent Rose Gold and Accent Silver as means for accenting silver, bronze, and copper jewelry. His development of Clay-Bond Plus provides jewelry artists with a unique method for soldering many pieces simultaneously without use of a soldering iron or torch. Dr. Diegle continues to seek to develop innovative materials for providing jewelry artists new means for enhancing their work.

    These instructions are exclusively for AGS2 and do not apply to previous versions of the product. This improved version of Accent Gold for Silver™ is now the easiest, most affordable way to add the pure 24K gold accents to your jewelry creations.

    Below are the instructions for using Accent Gold for Silver™ (ver. 2). You can also download a .pdf version of the instructions here.

    This product is non-toxic, non-irritating to most people, and generally safe to use. If you experience a skin rash or itchiness after contact, discontinue use. Wash your hands after each use. If AGS™ gets in the eyes, flush them thoroughly with water and see a doctor to ensure that the gold powder and medium are completely removed. To avoid burns when inserting pieces into a kiln and removing them, wear gloves*, safety glasses, and use a long pair of tweezers (18 inch is recommended). Avoid prolonged exposure of eyes to the hot kiln, which in extreme instances can cause cataracts. If you are concerned about the degree of eye exposure, wear #3 welding glasses. *As long as your hand doesn�t get too close to the heated interior of the kiln, most any glove not made of synthetic materials is appropriate such as an oven mitt, leather glove or a specialized heat proof glove. Just keep a watchful eye on the glove to avoid problems. REMEMBER - Safety first!

    Do not use this product in any manner except as described in these instructions.