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HattieS QuikArt Ring Shank Designer Series Template - 1
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HattieS QuikArt Ring Shank Designer Series Template - 1

    First, roll out and texture a slab of clay 5 playing cards thick (1.25mm).

    Place the outer ring shank template on the clay and mark the 2 registration marks. Use the QuikArt™ Stylus or needle too to cut around the perimeter of the design. (Note: Best results are obtained on long narrow areas by moving the stylus towards the point from both sides vs. rounding the corner and moving away from the point in reverse direction.)

    Next, place the inner ring shank template over the registration marks, double check alignment visually, and cut out the center portion of the clay.

    Carefully form the clay on a ring mandrel covered with non-porous paper. Join the ends with an overlap joint. Be sure to use a mandrel large enough to account for shrinkage for the type of metal clay you are using. Use a damp brush or wet clay shaper tool to smooth the edges of the still wet clay.

    Roll out another slab of clay and use the template to cut out a coordinating ring top design. Set stones and/or add embellishments as desired.

    Dry the ring. Refine the edges and fire according to they type of clay you are using.  Add a fabulous finish.  Enjoy!!!

     USA ring sizing.

    QuikArt™ Templates are simple to use. Each one measures 3.5" x 5". They are easily stored in an index card box!
    • Use with metal & polymer clays or sheet metal
    • Quickly create bases for complex designs
    • Stack, mix and match to create intrigue
    • Easily cut shapes using a needle tool