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HattieS QuikArt Ring Shank Templates - E
  • SKU: 54532

HattieS QuikArt Ring Shank Templates - E

    Then lift the shank and wrap it around a paper covered ring mandrel of the corresponding size and make an overlap seam  with paste for the strongest joint. From there design begins by adding creative components and other personal touches.

    A bit of extra length is built into the template shape to allow for the overlap joint. Remember to create the ring shank large enough to accomodate for shrinkage for the type of metal clay you are using. USA ring sizing.

    QuikArt™ Templates are simple to use. Each one measures 3.5" x 5". They are easily stored in an index card box!
    • Use with metal & polymer clays or sheet metal
    • Quickly create bases for complex designs
    • Stack, mix and match to create intrigue
    • Easily cut shapes using a needle tool