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Montana Agate cabochon
  • SKU: CG15

Montana Agate cabochon

    Metal Clay Supply partner Speedy Peacock has hand picked a variety of stunning gemstones over the last ten years.  Speedy collects high end colored gemstones, pearls and red coral of all types and sizes.  Each year he travels to the Tucson shows seeking out collectable quality stones.  Each acquisition is chosen for the most desirable aspects of that type of material.  This is a time consuming but exciting hunt since there is a vast amount of stones of all qualities and he is only after goods that fall in the top 5% of their class.

    Speedy now has a collection large enough to offer these hand selected stones to our customers.  He collects these stones for the pleasure it brings him and not for great profit.  Speedy collects these stones, because he loves the challenge and the experience of being around so many gemstones for days on end.

    Most pieces are photographed on a grid to give you an accurate idea of size.  As you might expect, a photograph is no substitute for seeing the gemstone yourself in a variety of lighting conditions.  We have done our best to represent each stone accurately, but realize that only when you see it will you have the opportunity to share in what Speedy saw when he chose it for his collection.


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