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Pam East's QuikArt Bail Templates Bundle 56244-56294
  • SKU: 56244B

Pam East's QuikArt Bail Templates Bundle 56244-56294


    QuikArt™ Templates are simple to use. Each one measures 3.5" x 5". They are easily stored in an index card box!

    • Use with metal & polymer clays or sheet metal
    • Quickly create bases for complex designs
    • Stack, mix and match to create intrigue
    • Easily cut shapes using a needle tool
    To create amazing bails that will make onlookers pause for thought, simply place your QuikArt™ Template over a textured or plain slab of clay and cut out your bail using a needle tool. Cutting from the outside corners to the inside is a good practice to avoid mistakes.

    We designed QuikArt™ Templates to make it simple for you to replicate parts of your design and easily create bails so that you could concentrate on other aspects of the creative process!