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PMC3 Slip - Syringe - 9g
  • SKU: 56755

PMC3 Slip - Syringe - 9g

    This form of PMC3 allows the user to extrude PMC3 in a string-like shape. Syringe form is slightly more moist than clay form but not as moist as paste. Syringe form is useful either to decorate items made with other forms or to create objects such as filigree with just this form. The syringe come loaded with 9 grams of PMC3 and includes one tip that can be trimmed to allow different gauge extrusion.

    Every variety of PMC is sold by the metal weight, not the weight that includes the water and binders that burn off during firing. You get every gram of precious metal you pay for from PMC.  PMC® has a strong adverse reaction to contact with aluminum. Do not use aluminum tools or allow your PMC to come into contact with any aluminum object.