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Thompson Enamel - Opalescent - 2800 Opalescent Red - 1 oz.

    Thompson Medium Temperature, Medium Expansion enamels are a glass product formulated to create a permanent bond with fine silver, copper, and gold. Bronze is not recommended for enameling.

    These high quality, acid-resistant, 80-mesh enamels will provide rich, beautiful color for your metal clay work.

    Thompson enamels are all lead-free!

    See below for more information...

    The general firing range for Thompson enamels is 1400°–1500°F (760°–815°C). Enamels will fuse in 1 to 4 minutes depending on the color, type and thickness of the metal, and the temperature of the kiln. A typical firing is 1450°F (790°C) for around 2 minutes. Enamel powders will change in color after firing. Refer to the color image for a general indication of the fired result. Computer monitors do not accurately represent color, and enamel colors may vary slightly from batch to batch, so pre-testing your enamels before using them is recommended. Bronze is not recommended for enameling. The enamels are not formulated to adhere to it and will crack or chip off. Color Specific Information Color: 2800 Opalescent Red Metals: Recommended for fine copper, silver and gold Recommended Firing Range: 1400°–1500°F (760°–815°C). Firing: May require two firings to produce opalescent effect. See additional firing notes below. COE: Undetermined Grade: 80 Mesh Type: Opalescent Color Code: (G) Contains Gold Additional firing notes Opalescent can be a misleading term when it comes to enamels. Opalescent enamels are not shimmery or glittery. Rather they are semi-clear or transluscent. Opalescent enamels are very touchy when it comes to firing times and temperatures. Firing them too hot or too long will make them transparent instead of opalesecent. Generally these enamels require two firings to get the effect right. On Copper: Fire at 1500°F (815°C) for 4 minutes and allow to cool. The enamel should appear clear and the copper should be bright and free of red oxide. Refire at 1500°F (815°C) for 1.5 minutes. The time is critical. If too short no opalescence will develop and if too long the opalescence will vanish. On Silver: Opalescent enamel may turn yellowish or muddy when fired directly on silver. Begin by firing on a flux coat of 2020 Clear for silver. Apply the opalescent enamel over the fired and fused 2020 Clear and fire at 1400°F (760°C) for 2.5 minutes. Opalescences should emerge as it cools. If a longer firing is necessary to get the enamel to fully fuse, and no opalescence appears, it may be refired for a short time to produce the effect.